Sedation Dentistry



Sometimes we have reservations about going to the dentist. It is not uncommon for some of us to refuse treatment and continue to endure the pain rather than sitting in the dentist’s chair. If this sounds like you or someone you know, no worries. Our office can accommodate these sorts of issues by offering sedation.


Types of Sedation We Offer:


Nitrous Oxide:

Nitrous Oxide sedation is commonly referred to as “laughing gas.” This type of sedation is a mixture of gas and oxygen calmly inhaled through a mask placed over your nose. The effects are relaxing. Your doctor will determine the amount of nitrous oxide necessary, as some of us may require less or more than others. Rest assured, you will have an adequate supply. This is the only form of sedation that allows you to operate a motor vehicle after your procedure as nitrous oxide wears off rather quickly.


Oral Sedation:

Oral Sedation is received by way of a pill, known as Halcion. This pill is taken one hour prior to your procedure and contains a dosage determined by your doctor.  The effects are drowsiness, however, you will still be awake. It’s not uncommon to have some patients fall completely asleep from being groggy. Oral sedation yields two main benefits of having little to NO recollection of your procedure and NO needles!


IV Sedation:

IV and Oral Sedation share similarities in that they are considered a moderate level of sedation. Pain and anxiety are essentially eliminated putting you in a state of unawareness. Your level of sedation will of course be closely monitored by your doctor to sustain comfort while you sleep. You will feel the impact of IV Sedation immediately and have no memory of your procedure.

“My wife and I both appreciate everyone from the front desk to the back rooms where we do not dread the inevitable! (working on our teeth!). There are always good follow up and courtesy calls prior to our appointments. Thanks for the positive experience”

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“If they would allow me to rate 10 stars I would, The entire staff is very personable and accommodating every time I have had an appointment, I can’t picture myself going anywhere else, The front office and exam rooms have a very relaxing atmosphere with a television so you can watch videos or listen to music so they get 2 thumbs up from me!”

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“I felt very safe and the office was very clean. Nice and friendly staff and the dental plans are very affordable! I will make this my home dentist from now on.”

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