Discount Plan

No Dental Insurance? No Problem

We offer our own Dental Discount Plan in Grapevine Texas


The Grapevine Dentist wants everyone to receive the dental treatment they need so we have started a program that will save you 20-55% on all dental procedures! 


With a low annual fee for an individual or family, you can begin receiving the necessary dental care without the hassle of insurance.


With dental insurance you have: 


  • Monthly premiums 
  • Office co-pays
  • Different levels of coverage for procedures 
  • Procedures that are not covered
  • Yearly deductibles and maximums 
  • Waiting periods for certain benefits


With our Discount Plan you have: 


  • One low annual fee 
  • Low dental exam, cleaning, and x-rays fee
  • 20%-50%  savings on ALL dental procedures
  • No deductible or maximum 
  • No waiting periods 
  • Enrollment is quick and easy